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Cooling Coil Coating
        Protect up to several

AC Odor Shield
   Protect up to 1 year

   Pre-clean dirt-clogged

Electronic Evaporator Dryer
   Lifetime a/c odor solution


Smoke Treatment
   Eliminates tobacco scent


Odor Treatment
   Breaks down organic matter
        in carpet & upholstery


Carpet Cleaner
   Removes odor from carpet
        and upholstery

Carpet Defender
   Long lasting stain & odor


Spot Cleaner and Degreaser
   Instantly penetrates and
        dissolves dirt buildup


BMW High-Side Service Port Extender
   Access Recessed High-Side
        Service Port on BMW E-60



Line Splice
   Fix line leaks in minutes!


Recycle Guard
   Protect recovery equipment
        from damaging sealant


Compressor Guard
   Trap debris before it can
        harm replacement


   Absorb all hydrocarbon
        based liquids without
        absorbing water


   5 Minute Fix without
        Radiator R&R


   Bend to fit most underhood
        configurations; Uses
        compressed air


Compressor Turner Tool
Rotate compressor prior to
     start-up; Reduces compressor
     damage due to proper
     lubrication configurations; Uses
     compressed air


VW Spring Lock Tool Kit
   Open spring-lock on VW
        Phaeton and Touareg

Mercedes Spring Lock Tool
   Open spring-lock on
        Mercedes Spring Lock


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